Reach Travelers While They Are Passing By

Show your businesses to those that matter to you. Drive travellers to your shop, showcase your best products, create promotions and track your sales with Freddy!

Show your brand To Those Who Matter the Most

Reach thousands of travellers while they explore a new city

Track Your Offline Sales

You will be able to track whether customers prefer to come to your store and buy products there or buying straight from your website

Reach Travellers When They Need you The Most

With Freddy you’ll be able to attract new customers they are in need of your business or services.

Spend As Little As You Want

With our pre-paid packages you can start advertising with less than £2 per day. It’s less Than A Cup Of Coffee.


Create Your Brand Pin

Pins are the most important aspect of Freddy ads. They are the first chance to make a good impression. Make sure you look your best for your customers.

Choose your budget

You can start advertise from less than £2 a day. We have a number of packages for different needs, so you can first try if Freddy is right for you before you commit to a bigger spend. 

Select where your ads will show

ou will be able to pinpoint exactly where you want to advertise. Whether it’ll be in front of a crowded station or 5 mile radius around your business.

More customers coming through the door

From the moment the campaign is live you’ll be advertising to thousands of travellers close to your business.

£50 Credit Package

Start Advertising from less than £2 a day. Perfect for 1 to 2 locations.

£100, £500 & £1000 Credit Packages

Have multiple locations to advertise? Than these option might be right for you.

Free Advertising Credit

Did you receive a voucher from us? Get in touch & we’ll load the credit upon sign-up.